Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Free Calculus Stuff From Me!

I have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers. I have some items that are not free. I don't like this. I've gotten so much good stuff FOR FREE from some of the amazing people whose blogs I follow. So I'm posting my Teachers Pay Teachers products here. And when I get the time, I'll go change them to free on the site, too.  I've got lots more stuff to share, so check back!

Update (6/2/14): One of the items I had posted here was not created by me.  I had posted it because it was something I have had for a long time and wanted to share.  I couldn't remember where I had originally found it.  If I gave the impression I had created it myself, I apologize.  I have deleted it because I didn't know who created it so I couldn't give them their deserved credit.  The item I deleted had also been in my TPT store, but was ALWAYS a free item there.  I never charged for any item that I did not make myself.  I have since deleted the item in question from my TPT store, as well.  I apologize for any misunderstanding.

Derivatives Placemat
Derivatives on the Nspire
Integration Placemat
Related Rates Lab
Limits Placemat
Limits Puzzle
Limits Cut Ups

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