Friday, August 28, 2015

Adventures in Algebra I

This is my 17th year as a high school math teacher, and my 11th at my current school.  Before I came to this school, I had never been on a campus with freshmen (both of my prior schools were 10-12 campuses).  My first year here, I taught Algebra I and AP Calculus AB.  The next year I traded my Algebra I classes for Pre-AP Pre-Calculus classes and that's what I taught for the next nine years.  Late last year, my principal, informed asked me to teach Algebra I this year.  Algebra I is the only math class with an end of course exam in Texas, so he wanted to buck the tradition of the most senior teachers teaching the upper level classes while the newest teachers taught the lower level (and often more high stakes) classes.  So here I am, teaching Algebra I for only the second time in my career.  We have new standards, new curriculum, new textbooks, and all three of us teaching Algebra I have limited or no experience with the subject.
Since I got my Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction last December and would eventually like to move out of the classroom and into an instructional support role, I am embracing this new challenge!  So expect to see a mix of Calculus and Algebra I resources on this blog.....
Today I'm going to share an Algebra I foldable I made and used today.  It gives a simple review of Integer Operations.  I gave it to my students to put in their interactive notebooks and then gave them 18 problems out of our new textbook to practice using the foldable.

Integer Operations Foldable
Integer Operations Assignment

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