Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rallying the Troops, part 1

Shaheen and I met with the teachers at one of the two elementary schools in our district yesterday and it was AWESOME!  We used this powerpoint presentation.

I started off with "the numbers" - showing them what we perceive the root of our problem to be and Shaheen followed up with our first suggestions for improvement.  Shaheen is so passionate about what we're doing, and he's a very engaging presenter, so I think we really accomplished our goal of getting people excited about being a part of the solution!  I'm sure it doesn't hurt that Shaheen's wife, Shannon, is a teacher at the school and everyone loves her (and by extension, Shaheen).  :)  We've set up a time to go present to the teachers at the other elementary campus.  We're gathering steam.....

Here are a few articles that are worth reading:

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