Wednesday, February 5, 2014


This is another activity we did to reinforce trig graphs.  It was fun, the kids loved it, and I did it on Digital Learning Day, so that was a plus!  I originally only planned on doing it in my Pre-Calculus classes, but my AP Calculus kids heard about it and insisted on doing it during their class, too!

*UPDATE - the day after we did this was the first day of the Winter Olympics, so I had my students chart the biorhythms for several different athletes. We're going to monitor how those athletes perform during the Olympics and compare their actual performances with their biorhythms.

Here's Shaun White's biorhythms for February 2014.  The red line marks the day he got 4th in the half pipe.

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  1. Hi!
    I am currently teaching a pre-cal class and I think this is a really neat activity that some of my students would enjoy and find interesting... but I am not 100% positive that I have done it all correctly or that I am thinking about it all in the right way... so I was just wondering if you have an answer key or something that you could send me? I really just want to double check before and make sure that I actually get it before I go and try to help my students do the activity!