Thursday, February 7, 2013

End Behavior of Polynomial Functions

I got the idea for this activity here.  I'm starting polynomial functions in my pre-cal classes tomorrow and will be using this activity.
End Behavior Of Polynomial Functions Sorting Activity

I'll start with a basic introduction to vocabulary (degree, leading coefficient), then I'm going to give each group a copy of the first page to cut out and sort based on the degree and leading coefficient.  We'll then compare the end behavior of the graphs in each group to come up with the "rules" for polynomial end behavior.
To make sure everyone gets it, I'll have them stand up and use their arms to show me the end behavior of some of the equations shown on the second page.
I've also included the exit ticket I'll use to assess them for understanding.  The last page is something they can cut out and put in their "Stuff You Must Know" folder (my current version of an INB that will be upgraded to a full on INB next year).

Update: I'm also including my End Behavior Foldable for my INB


  1. Hi, I really like the idea of your lesson and would love to use it. I am unable to see the handouts. Is it possible to have a copy emailed to me? Thanks!

  2. I love this idea but am unable to open to see the handouts and cards. Would you be able to email them? Thank you kindly