Saturday, September 9, 2017

Week 3


I have my Geometry classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Because of the Labor Day Holiday, we didn't have school on Monday.
On Wednesday, we talked about Points, Lines, & Planes.  I intended to start with this PowerPoint that I got from Dan Meyer's website, but completely forgot to do it.  It worked out, though, because between setting up their INB's and the rest of the lesson, I had just enough time in the class period to get through it all. I used these foldables that I found on Sarah's blog, Everybody Is a Genius.
Then I had the students complete this Google Slides activity I found on Mrs. Newell's website.  I assigned it in Google Classroom and it was sooooo easy to grade.  And the kids loved getting to use their new chromebooks!
On Friday, we talked about Angles.  I used these two foldables from Mrs. Newell's website.  The first one goes over basic angle vocabulary,  The second one is a really cool wheel that defines some of the important angle relationships that students need to be familiar with.

Their assignment was this free Always-Sometimes-Never worksheet I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I loved how it really challenged them to think about and make sense of all of the vocabulary we talked about during the week.

Algebra 2

I have my Algebra classes on Tuesday and Thursday.
On Tuesday, we learned about the real number system.  I bought this foldable on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Then we talked about how to classify numbers using the Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road paper.  (I can't remember where this came from!).   Their assignment was to complete the Classifying Rational Numbers Mystery Pattern activity I bought on Teachers Pay Teachers.

On Thursday, we reviewed solving multi-step equations.  I've had this flip book for awhile and can't for the life of me figure out where it came from.  But it's a great support for kids who struggle to know what to do next when solving mult-step equations.  Most of my Algebra 2 students are pretty comfortable solving equations already, but for those who aren't, this is a good resource.  They worked together in their groups to complete this puzzle that I got for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Algebra 1

On Tuesday we reviewed the Coordinate Plane using this foldable I got for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Then I turned them loose to complete three different Desmos activities - The (Awesome) Coordinate Plane Activity, Battle Boats, and Mini Golf Marbleslides.  The kids loved it!

On Thursday we talked about Discrete and Continuous functions.  I started off with this foldable that I bought from Teachers Pay Teachers.  Then I let the kids play around with a virtual Etch-a-Sketch and a virtual Lite Brite so they could get a feel for the difference between continuous and discrete.  Their assignment was a worksheet I created on the website is a great tool for teachers in a 1:1 environment!

It was a great week.  Our students are concurrently enrolled in high school and college and we had College Acceptance Night for our freshmen on Thursday night.  The president of the college came and presented them each with a certificate to celebrate their achievement.  I'm so proud of all of my students and I'm so blessed to get to teach BCHS Panthers!


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