Thursday, May 23, 2013

Started Working On My Master's!

So this past Monday, I started my first graduate course in pursuit of my Master's Degree!  I am beyond excited...and a little nervous.  My life already felt like a juggling act, and I just added a great big ball to the mix!  I'm hoping the next 18 months fly by and that I can still work towards being the wife, mother, and teacher that I want to be.
I'm getting my Master's through the University of Texas at Arlington.  They have an academic partnership that allows you to get your Master's in Curriculum and Instruction - Math Studies completely online.  You take one class at a time.  Each class runs for five weeks, then you get a week off before the next class starts. It's a total of 36 hours and takes 18 months to complete.  I'll let you know how it goes, but after working out some initial technology issues and getting over starting off a couple of days behind because of those issues, I'm pleased with the overall experience.

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